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Half-Life Lore, The Seven Hour War :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 0 0 Half-Life 2 Episode One - City 17 in ruins. :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 0 0 Someone forgot to cut their... ties. :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 0 0 Underhell - Jake Hawkfield, and two U.D.R.C Guards :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 2 0 Dawn of June 6, 1944 (Brothers in Arms - EiB) :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 0 0 Alpha Squad (Nightmare House 2) :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 0 0 Fulton Surface-to-Air Recovery System :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 0 0 PARANOIA Inspired Gmod Posing :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 1 0 HECU Posing Gmod :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 3 0 BSAA Posing Gmod :iconxxwarrior250xx:xXWarrior250Xx 2 0


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Half-Life Lore, The Seven Hour War
The screenshot made in Men of War Assault Squad with Absolute Pressure (HL2) mod.

All models belong to their respective owners.

Underhell - Jake Hawkfield, and two U.D.R.C Guards
Hey guys, I hope you appreciated my uploaded image! It's not Garry's Mod or any tool such as SFM, but rather the Hl2.exe itself and the mod Underhell, just something made out of Console's magical powers.

And... all of the years taking screenshots like this seems to pay pretty well.

These two, "badasses," if you could put it actually do have names. Albeit unofficialy, I take to call them Edwards (Accurate MP5 shooter) and Bergeron (Spas 12 maniac.) They are by default not appearing in the Chapter 1 itself, but seeing as I'm bored as heck to travel places alone so many times; I might as well spawn some UDRC NPCs with me, and it's not possible without the help of Ent_fire console command.

By my own will, I decide to end their story at the Butcher fight. :(

Dawn of June 6, 1944 (Brothers in Arms - EiB)
A screenshot I once took while messing around Brothers in Arms, just had to pause the entities and take the shot, simple as that.

There wasn't anything special to this, but I really did hope I can modify it a little bit by adding the supposed Flakvierling 38 fire in the background as well as C-47 silhouettes and possibly paratroopers doing their landing.

Note that this image can also be seen in the Brothers in Arms wiki.
August 18, 2016.

It's been a couple weeks now since my Computer's busted up, but I still got all these 800 screenshots I racked up in all those years of gaming, some of them were good to be shared around Devi, but I'll keep some hidden unless I find a reason to upload them.


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Lemuel Justine Padua
Hey Everyone, name's Lemuel but you can call me via my Gamertag Warrior250™ or just simply Warrior. Feel free to look around my profile, comment, PM, or anything. you are free to communicate with me with my own language (Filipino) if you can speak it but also put translation in it so people can understand it..


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